Advisory Board

SHOW Advisory Board (AB)
The AB high level experts ensure that the project is aligned and up-to-date with the other related activities and projects internationally
Name Organisation
1 Christos S. Xenophontos, Assistant Director, Rhode Island Department of Transportation, US
2 Julia Wadoux, Policy Coordinator for Health, ICT and Accessibility, at AGE
3 Endre Angelvik, Chair of the UITP Combined Mobility Committee and UITP SPACE
4 Georgios Giannopoulos, Professor emeritus Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, cor. Member Academy of Athens
5 Dr. Tom Vöge Director EU Relations and Projects at The Cadmus Group
6 Suzanne Hoadley Senior Manager – Coordinator Traffic Efficiency, Polis Network
7 Timothy Papandreou  Founder, CEO – Emerging Transport Advisors
8 Young-Jun MOON Ph.D., Senior Res. Fellow, The Korea Transport Institute (KOTI)