Citizens’ engagement

User demand and user acceptance are critical success factors for the market uptake of AV solutions. Technology is a mean, not a goal.
By involving both end-users and stakeholders in the development process, we aim to ensure that SHOW services meet their needs and requirements and to increase the positive impacts on society.

Therefore, beyond working on technology development, the SHOW partners want to answer the following questions: What are the benefits for the end-users? And what are the benefits for society?

SHOW conducts user acceptance surveys in all pilots, in four iterations. Before the start of the demos, a baseline measurement takes place, followed by three on-site measurements at the beginning, near the middle and at the end of the pilot activities. Anyone who wishes to share their thoughts on automated mobility can participate in the pre-acceptance surveys (here). The demo surveys, on the other hand, target people who are actually using the SHOW services at each demo site.

In addition, Ideathons and Hackathons are organized, to recognize gaps and collect ideas to improve the solutions proposed by SHOW. Ideathons are conceived as creative brainstorming sessions with citizens and core stakeholders. The best ideas from these co-creation exercises are taken up and further developed in our follow-up Hackathons. In a third step, the outcomes of the Hackathons are again evaluated by end-users and stakeholders in a round of focus groups.

Each SHOW pilot site develops its own customized engagement strategy and plan, that is adapted to the local context and takes into account the specificities of each pilot, in terms of objectives, stakeholders involved, user groups addressed, and factors affecting user acceptance. This engagement process is guided by the following main questions:

  • Who are the stakeholders and who are the end-users? (For example: commuters, students, persons with reduced mobility, tourists, local businesses, local authorities, …)
  • How can we reach out to them? Which communication channels and tools can we use? (For example: press, flyers, social media, ‘guerilla’ interviews, …)
  • How can we engage stakeholders and end-users in SHOW? (For example: focus groups, crowd-sourcing, webinars, educational campaigns, …)
  • How can we encourage people to try out the SHOW services? (For example: open demo days, a lottery or other competition, ‘diplomas’ for children, photo booth, vouchers, …)

Users’ engagement and co-creation activities in SHOW are led by the European Passengers’ Federation. For more information, contact

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Click here to access the Pre-Acceptance-Survey towards CCAM!
Eligible participants for the survey: Anyone who wishes to share their thoughts on automated mobility!