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Connecting peri-urban regions to intermodal mobility hubs in mixed traffic


  • Austria Mega Site leader: Austriatech
  • Salzburg Research
  • KTC
  • AIT
  • ATE
  • Wiener Linien
  • VIF
  • AVL


The mega site Austria includes three cities: Salzburg, Graz and Vienna. In Graz, an automated shuttle service between a suburban train station and a shopping centre with connection to PT lines will be established. The Salzburg demo includes an automated DRT for peri-urban regions connecting them to city centres via intermodal mobility hubs. The Vienna demo will be testing a semi-automated DRT in urban fringe in Vienna including mixed traffic and existing lanes.

In total approximately a number of seven vehicles will be available at different stages of the project for the Austrian mega site. The site will use two EasyMile EZ10 shuttles, three automated passenger vehicles and two Navya vehicles. In Graz and Salzburg vehicles and infrastructure will communicate via ITS G5, 4G or 5G – depending on the most suitable option, whereas in Vienna, the primer V2X communication to be used will be ITS G5.


Graz: 20 km/h
Salzburg: max. 20 km/h (20 km/h is the currently allowed maximum speed limit on public roads according to the AutmatFahrV in connection with automated minibuses)
Vienna: 50km/h


4 (Graz, Salzburg, Vienna)

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