Satellite sites

DENMARK, Copenhagen

Level 4+ (with no on-board driver) in real PT and DRT operations in the City


  • Copenhagen Demo leader: MOVIA PTA
  • Municipality of Ballerup



The testsite Lautrupgaard is located 15 km Northwest of Copenhagen in the municipality of Ballerup. Lautrupgaard is often mentioned as the Danish Silicon Valley due to its concentration of ambitious TECH businesses and skilled IT/knowledge specialists in combination with DTU and a local high school with strong technology profile (3500 students in total). 


The testsite will allow for a demonstration of a full-scale high capacity feeder service, in full cooperation with the existing PT service, using an upcoming BRT infrastructure (pending political decision) linking efficiently to the nearby multi-modal PT Hub (S-train, high-speed busses, local busses and shared e-bikes). Vehicles used will be 3 shuttles and 2 mid-size busses.

The objective is to supplement the existing PT service and provide new level of service in the “thin hours” as evening time. The participating AV buses will shift between route and DRT mode according to time of the day and demand.


Up to 40km/h (all vehicles)




The main focus is commuters, both for jobs and education/academia. However, the demo site will have also be used by some elderly, young adults and people with reduced mobility.