Mega sites

SPAIN, Madrid

Real traffic bus/shuttle service and bus depot operation and links to established MaaS platform


The overall objective of the Madrid mega site is to enable and provide safe, sustainable and integrated people’s mobility.

The demo will deploy a fleet of up to 5 AVs (passenger vehicles), to complement the existing service offers. The fleet will be mixed, composed of shuttles (mini-buses, and a 12m-long bus), and of passenger cars (Renault Twizy) for people transport. Moreover, a robot taxi and on-demand service will be deployed also based on 1 Renault Twizy.

In the demo, existing PT services in Villaverde, Madrid, will be integrated into the passenger’s transport management for autonomous passengers’ services. Also, a convoying/platooning demo will be included in Villaverde (La Nave/Madrid Innovation Hub –Villaverde Bajo Cruce subway station). The platooning functionality will be implemented in one IRIZAR 12-m long electric bus and 1 Twizy for people mobility. Finally, an ‘Automated-docking-charging parking’ operation will be the implemented in Carabanchel bus Depot & EMT-Garage.


20 – 30 km/h (shuttles)

30 – 45km/h (buses)

30 – 60km/h (passenger cars)


SAE L4 (all vehicles)


The demo aims to include all citizens.