Mega sites

SPAIN, Madrid

Real traffic bus/shuttle service and bus depot operation and links to established MaaS platform


  • Spain Mega Site demo leader: TECNALIA
  • EMT


The overall objective of the Madrid mega site is to enable and provide safe, sustainable and integrated people’s mobility.

The demo will deploy a fleet of up to 5 AVs (passenger vehicles), to complement the existing service offers. The fleet will be mixed, composed of shuttles (mini-buses, and a 12m-long bus), and of passenger cars (Renault Twizy) for people transport. Moreover, a robot taxi and on-demand service will be deployed also based on 1 Renault Twizy.

In the demo, existing PT services in Villaverde, Madrid, will be integrated into the passenger’s transport management for autonomous passengers’ services. Also, a convoying/platooning demo will be included in Villaverde (La Nave/Madrid Innovation Hub –Villaverde Bajo Cruce subway station). The platooning functionality will be implemented in one IRIZAR 12-m long electric bus and 1 Twizy for people mobility. Finally, an ‘Automated-docking-charging parking’ operation will be the implemented in Carabanchel bus Depot & EMT-Garage.


20 – 30 km/h (shuttles)

30 – 45km/h (buses)

30 – 60km/h (passenger cars)


SAE L4 (all vehicles)


The demo aims to include all citizens.