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C-ITS for safe intersection crossing of AVs


  • C-ITS is a key enabler for safe crossing of bus lane intersections​
  • Automated people transport with shuttles can reduce car use in cities
  • Gaining experience with automated services supports deployment plans for CCAM​
  • Operational service with people and goods on private business campus​
  • Integration with public road C-ITS deployment

The Service

  • Scaled up step-by-step following an extensive safety assessment (previous deployment ended with safety incident)​
  • Free of charge ​
  • Safety driver on board​
  • People transport fixed route, scheduled or DRT (depending on demand)​
  • Goods transport varied route, schedule depending on goods deliveries


Phase 1: Campus operational service​

  • Aurrigo vehicles (people), L4, electric ​
  • BringAuto (goods)​

Phase 2: Public road C-ITS application and pilots (SHOW extension)​

  • Aurrigo vehicle (service & pilots)​
  • Renault Scenic Carlabs (TNO), L4 functionalities

Target Passengers

Campus employees and visitors 

The Route

Use Cases

UC1.1 (normal conditions), UC1.2 (complex conditions),  UC1.3 (interfacing other road users), UC1.6 (mixed flows), UC1.8 (platooning)


Local Ecosystem