Mega sites


5G control tower concept for remote monitoring, tele-operation & AV fleet management


  • RISE
  • VTI
  • City of Linköping
  • Östgötatrafiken
  • Linköping Science Park
  • Akademiska Hus
  • Linköping University
  • Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute
  • Transdev


The demo in Sweden will be held in Kista, one the world major ICT hubs in the Stockholm district, and the city of Linköping. The innovation of the Mega site in Sweden is a 5G control tower concept that can remote monitor and tele-operate a fleet of vehicles on the Kista and Linköpings sites.

In the demo, a separate on-demand service will integrated in AV-fleet set-up in Kista and operation of integrated platform for optimisation of transport systems (including AV) in Linköping, interfaced also to various MaaS schemes. Three autonomous shuttles will be used in Kista, in Linköping two autonomous shuttles (by NAVYA) and one autonomous vehicle will be deployed.

The target is to prove a robust, safe and reliable operation of a fleet of electrical autonomous vehicles with the 5G control tower that enables removal of operators in vehicles, which is a requirement for a commercial use of AVs in public transport.


<20km/h (Linköping Vallastaden, Kista)


4 (all vehicles)


User groups include commuters, residents and tourists. The passenger stations themselves will be adapted for all-access use (elderly, PRM). In Linköping, there is both a school, with a unit for children with special needs, and an elderly residential care facility.