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GREECE, Trikala

Automated passenger and freight transport



The demo in Greece will take place in the city of Trikala and focuses both on passenger and freight transport as well as automation in MaaS.

The first use case in Greece focuses on autonomous traffic in a real city environment. The goal of this demo is to gradually replace an existing PTO line by absorbing through an on-demand service (consisting of two shuttles) the transfer to the bus terminal. The demo will use 2 shuttles of >9 passengers provided through AVINT national project.

The aforementioned DRT service will be integrated and supported by a MaaS consisting of two passenger cars (2 BMW i3 of CERTH/HIT adapted by Objective), that depending on the demand will be also able to operate in platooning mode. This mode will allow then also to operate in higher speed, in order to connect peri-urban locations.

For the Automated LaaS demo, one freight vehicle by the University of Genova will be used. For the logistics demo, user groups will encompass SMEs in the area of UFT, local stores, city center commuters, e-commerce users.


25km/h (passenger shuttles)

20km/h within the city and 80km/h under platooning (passenger cars)

15km/h (freight vehicle)


4 (all vehicles)