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GREECE, Trikala

On-demand Automated Mobility as a ​complement of Public Transport in suburban areas and Delivery services in pedestrian areas​


  • On-demand automated Mobility as a complement of Public Transport of underserved suburban areas and delivery services within pedestrian areas in Trikala city ​
  • CCAM contributing minimisation of ICE vehicles use in the city and the development of multimodal mobility that will lead to healthier, safer, more affordable, more sustainable, more cost-effective and responsive transport (City’s vision)​
  • On-demand CCAM to increase access to the city centre and eliminate ICE vehicles, including:
      • Demonstration of the integration of AVs in public transportation including their interconnection with other modes of transport and major POIs such as, the railway station and the University, and their integration into the transport system
      • Demonstration of the integration of delivery robots fleet to the delivery services of the city inside the pedestrian area to serve local stakeholders’ needs

The Service

The Passenger Service (2 mini vans/1 robotaxi/1 BMW): 

  • ​On-demand passenger transportation in mixed traffic without dedicated lanes in a 9.6km route. Demand from different groups, needs and hours of operation to be served from the different fleets complementing each other​
  • Remote supervision, monitoring and immobilization via remote control centre ​
  • Safety driver on board for the initial stages mandatory​
  • Request for a ride and passengers notification via booking application. ​
  • Free-of-charge service​
  • Smart traffic lights integration for green wave implementation​
  • C-ITS via CERTH TMC is used to optimize the trips​
  • Real-time alerting and cabin surveillance system​
  • Major POIs defined as bus stops (train station, thematic park, University)​
  • Secure depot and terminal with charging facilities

The Logistics Service: ​

  • Operation in the pedestrian area of the city centre, free of charge​
  • Remote supervision, monitoring and immobilization via remote control centre and fleet/deliveries management ​
  • Delivery of small parcels and goods to local stakeholders via customer application​


  • 5 delivery robots (droids) for small freight distribution, L4, electric​
  • 2 automated 6-7 seats mini vans for passenger transportation (under tendering process), L4, electric​
  • Robo-taxi passenger vehicle, retrofitted by VIF & CERTH, L4, electric​
  • Second vehicle following the lead retrofitted vehicle and (belongs to CERTH existing fleet)

Target Passengers

Mini Vans: ​

  • Employees of the Municipality and e-Trikala, ​
  • Students of the University and Military school, ​
  • People living in the villages Flamouli and Karyes​

Small passenger vehicles:​


  • Elderly and Families

The Route

Passenger Transportation

Delivery of Letters in the Christmas Park

Delivery of items from the Town Hall to the local retailers for daily refilling and vice versa


Use Cases

UC 1.1; 1.2; 1.3; 1.5; 1.6; 1.7; 1.8; 1.10 – 1.1 & 1.2 for cargo already in operation

Local Ecosystem