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ITALY, Turin

Cross-domain integrated automated and flexible services


In the pre-pilot phase (2020), one autonomous shuttle will be tested in the city in order to assess implementation barriers and impacts. The results of the pre-pilot will be used to steer the development of the pilot (2022), where two DRT vehicles (1 autonomous shuttle and 1 retrofitted tele-operated car) will provide flexible public transport service

s in the area of the City of Health and Science to special categories (people with chronical diseases, elderly).

The PT services booking will be integrated with the booking system of the hospital services. An intelligent system will calculate the optimal timetables and routes of the vehicles to pick up the patients at home or at the automated metro stations, bring them to the right entrance of the hospital and return them back home as soon as they have completed the hospital service.


40km/h (shuttles, car)


4 (all vehicles)


At least 40% of the travelers will be elderly, people with chronic diseases, other PRM, as the pilot site is operating at the hospital area.