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ITALY, Turin

Automated Shuttles for Passengers Transport​ on Complex Urban Roads


Turin aims to foster multimodality and improve accessibility by improving the public transport system and integrating it with automated transport services and ITS infrastructure. It intends to trigger the penetration of automated mobility by fostering cooperation among private enterprises, local facilities, academia, civil society and investors.

The service

  • Free of charge ​
  • Safety driver on board​
  • On-demand service (IOKI)​
  • Passengers can book a ride via dedicated app​
  • Mixed traffic​
  • Connection to Navya’s remote supervision centre during operation​
  • Most of TLs along the route are connected with the City TCC; info of each connected TL is retrieved by Milla shuttles using cellular connectivity.


2 Milla Car (passenger shuttle) autonomous EVs

Target Passengers

Any passenger >18 who accept to take part to the experimentation

The Route

Two automated shuttles drive between the hospital district of Turin and the Southern part of the city, along an authorized path of about 5 km.​

The 11 shuttle stops (7 in via Ventimiglia, 4 in via Genova) overlap with public transport stops of the bus lines present along the path. 

Use Cases

UC1.1 (normal conditions), UC1.2 (complex conditions), UC1.3 (interfacing other road users), UC1.5 (integration to TMC), UC1.6 (mixed traffic), UC1.7 (connection to operation centre), UC1.10 (seamless autonomous transport chain)

Local Ecosystem