AustriaTech – Federal Agency for Technological Measures

About AustriaTech


AustriaTech – Federal Agency for Technological Measures is a 100% subsidiary of the Federal Ministry of Climate, Action, Environment, Energy and Mobility. Having been active as a non-profit organisation for more than ten years, AustriaTech’s main target is to implement technological developments in mobility solutions. In order to achieve this target, AustriaTech is monitoring innovation processes and taking an advisory role in the implementation of national and European policies. Furthermore, it engages national and international stakeholders to ensure interdisciplinary collaboration.

AustriaTech coordinates the ITS Austria platform, bringing national ITS stakeholders together. It represents the national contact point for legal and technological issues in the field of automated mobility and acts as coordinator of the INFRAMIX project, where road infrastructure is prepared for the coexistence of conventional and automated vehicles.