About Bax Innovation Consulting

Bax Innovation Consulting (Bax & Company, formerly known as Bax & Willems) is a specialized consultancy dedicated to delivering fact-based insights in science and technology. BAX leverages these insights to support both the definition and facilitation of open innovation strategies for large industrial corporations, as well as smaller high-tech companies, research institutes and governments. This includes defining and shaping business cases and new business development strategies, developing regional economic and innovation policies, benchmarking a technology’s uniqueness and added value, providing emerging area business intelligence, as well as defining route-to-market approaches and analyzing the feasibility and impact of new technologies.

BAX focuses on areas that represent some of the biggest opportunities and challenges for its clients, such as 1) Advanced Materials; 2) Blockchain; 3) Circular Economy; 4) Climate Adaptation; 5) Future Mobility; 6) Livable Cities; 7) Smart Cities; 8) Smart Industry; 9) Urban Energy.

BAX’ multi-disciplinary team of consultants combines deep subject knowledge with a shared extensive network that extends beyond Europe. Some of the most attractive opportunities BAX identifies for its clients actually emerge on the crossroads where several sectors meet. BAX has over 20 years of experience in setting up and managing innovation alliances and programs and supporting in mainstreaming high added value emerging technologies to profitable markets, as well as in the engagement with external stakeholders, citizens, and public administrations.