Centrum dopravního výzkumu, v. v. i. (CDV – Transport Research Centre)  


The Transport Research Center (CDV) is a public research institution, established as the only research organisation under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport. The institution was established by decision of the minister of transport as of 1 January 1993 as the legal successor of the Czech section of the federal Research Institute of Transport in Žilina. CDV follows activities which started in 1954, thus having longer than 60-year tradition.

With its research focus, Transport Research Centre covers key needs of transport development in the Czech Republic, at national, regional and local levels. It deals with key fields, such as road safety, technology of construction, maintenance, repairs and reconstructions of transport infrastructure, including geotechnical aspects and diagnostics of transport structures. Furthermore, it deals with impacts of transport and its infrastructure on the environment, transport economics, multimodal transport, traffic psychology, traffic education, transport demand modelling, management systems, geographic information systems, check-in and parking systems, and telematic systems. In addition, it focuses on smart mobility and new technologies, such as autonomous systems, hyperloop and other challenges of transport for future.

The Transport Research Centre is deeply involved in international research & development cooperation and is a respected member of many international institutions. Research work results are published in prestigious world journals and presented at international conferences. CDV has bilateral cooperation agreements with many international partners, e.g.: TRL (Great Britain), TOI (Norway), VÚD (Slovakia), or BASt (Germany).

CDV has been an expert institute since 2014 in the following fields: urban transport and road transport; traffic psychology; impact of transport on air quality; air protection from impacts caused by transport; transport structures, engineering structures, building materials; measuring and assessment of traffic noise.