City of Brno

About BRNO


The city of Brno is the second largest city of the Czech Republic with nearly 400 thousand inhabitants.

According to polls, the city is considered as one of the country’s best places for living. It is also city of universities, with three major and internationally renowned universities with over 60 thousand students, Brno is a center of gravity for high-end companies and rapidly emerging start-ups.

Comfortable public transport is essential to ensure that everything is functioning properly. City’s Public Transport Authority operates 800 hundred vehicles on 75 lines with 1 502 stops, resulting in 356 571 000 transported passengers annually. Commitment to smart and sustainable mobility is city’s priority to provide its citizens with the highest standards of living. The Brno Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, which was approved in 2018, is the city’s most important strategic document for transport. It comprehensively addresses all modes of transport within a coherent material, while considering their interaction.

Brno is also hosting regular events like European Mobility Week, which tries to point out the untenable growth of city individual car transport and highlight innovative ways to deal with these problems. In past years, the city of Brno was involved in several European projects (In-Time, EDITS or CIVITAS) focused on the development of intelligent transport systems. Through these involvements, Brno actively cooperated with many renowned European cities like Vienna, Oslo or Florence and introduced the implementation of C-ITS technologies in traffic on defined sections of the road network of Czech Republic.