EMT Madrid (Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid S.A.) is a public company created in 1947 and 100% owned by Madrid City Council.

It manages the bus transport service in the municipality of Madrid, being the only bus operator of the City, and the largest mobility company in Spain in its sector. EMT Madrid also manages 23 underground parking facilities of the city, as well as the tow trucks service (78 cranes), the bicycle public system (BiciMAD, with 2,400 pedelecs), and the Casa de Campo cable car. EMT also has a Consultancy department which provides technical assistance to Madrid City Council on sustainable urban mobility matters as well as to other transport operators around the world.

Nowadays, EMT employs nearly 9800 workers. Its fleet accounts 2,076 buses (with 3,725 km network), 10,024 bus stops and are available to travel in 213 routes across Madrid. Its fleet includes a wide variety of alternative fuels (including 100% electric, CNG-hybrid, diesel-hybrids and CNG).

Yearly, the EMT’s buses are travelling more than 90 million kilometers and carrying 420 million passengers, 365 days a year, and 24 hours a day, becoming a critical infrastructure of the urban ecosystem and therefore, playing an important role on the normal functioning of the city.

The company is also at the forefront of Intelligent Transport Systems and Customer Information Systems use. The EMT of Madrid is really concerned with the fact of improving the service given to the passengers and those investments will mean a better service to the population, including safety and security.

EMT is integrated in the “Consorcio Regional de Transportes” (Regional transport authority) which coordinates, as the transport authority, the transport offer in Madrid City and surroundings