FZI Research Center for Information Technology 

About FZI Research Center for Information Technology

The FZI Research Center for Information Technology is a non-profit institution for applied research in information technology and technology transfer. Its task is to provide businesses and public institutions with the latest research findings in information technology. It also qualifies young scientists for their career in academics or business as well as self-employment.

Research teams at the FZI interdisciplinarily develop and prototype concepts, software, hardware and system solutions for their clients. Scientific excellence and interdisciplinary practice are therefore well established at the FZI.

As an independent research institution, the FZI works for companies and public institutions regardless of company size: from small business to large corporations, from local public administrations to the European Union. The FZI House of Living Labs offers a unique research environment for applied research.

Every department at the FZI operates under a certified quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The FZI has its head office in Karlsruhe and a branch office in Berlin.

The FZI is the IT innovation hub in Baden-Württemberg. Application research with reliable knowledge and technology transfer is the core business and competence of the FZI Research Center for Information Technology. We are the innovation partner of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the industry.