IDIADA Automotive Technology, S.A. (Applus+ IDIADA)  

About Applus+ IDIADA

IDIADA Automotive Technology, S.A. (Applus+ IDIADA) is a global partner to the automotive industry with over 30 years’ experience supporting its clients in product development activities by providing design, engineering, testing and homologation services. Applus+ IDIADA’s success in product development is built on a unique blend of highly experienced engineers, state-of-the-art test and development facilities and the constant drive towards innovation. The company has more than 2.750 professionals and an international network of subsidiaries and branch offices in 24 countries, ensuring its clients receive customized added-value solutions.

Testing & Engineering: Applus+ IDIADA provides an extensive range of engineering and testing services in the fields of passive and active safety, powertrain, comfort, reliability, electronics, ADAS and smart mobility. Applus+ IDIADA’s expertise in both physical and virtual testing means maximum efficiency in cost and time.

Proving grounds: the most comprehensive proving grounds in Europe and Asia, located in Spain and China. Both grounds offer excellent customer support and facilities that provide the highest standards of safety and confidentiality.

Homologation: Applus+ IDIADA issues official certificates according to EC Directives and ECE Regulations within Europe and is recognised internationally as an authorised technical service and consultant in regulations. Its fields of competence in the homologation sector include passenger cars & components, commercial vehicles and motorcycles & helmets.