Indra Sistemas S.A. (Indra)  


INDRA is one of the leading global technology and consulting companies and a technology partner for the key business operations of its clients worldwide. It is a leading global supplier of proprietary solutions in specific segments of the Transportation and Defense markets, and a leading company in digital transformation and Information Technologies in Spain. Its business model is based on a comprehensive offer of its own products, with an end-to-end approach, high-value and a high innovation aspect.

The company has a unique experience in the area of transportation, having carried out over 2,500 projects in more than 50 countries. Its Transportation Division, Indra Mova Solutions, covers the entire life cycle of its clients’ projects and combines the new digital, integration, specialization and innovation capabilities demanded by the market, with reliability, business knowledge, Indra’s proprietary transport technology and the unique experience of its team of professionals.

INDRA has a large experience developing mobility services related to the CCAM, since it has been involved in National and European projects in key fields as the connectivity I2V (Infrastructure to vehicle) and the testing of Day 1 and Day 1.5 C-ITS services, data processing and analysis using Big Data and AI tools, adaptation and design of new infrastructure environments, new traffic rules and traffic information required only for CCAM, simulation as a way to improve testing in a liable and scalable way and the using of Cybersecurity to verify the trustable communication between CCAM systems.