National Technical University of Athens – NTUA  

About NTUA

The Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens( is a Centre of Research and Innovation Excellence in Transportation, with global recognition. A dynamic team of more than 60 renowned scientists supports decision making in all areas of transportation, including road infrastructure, traffic and safety development and management through several national and international research projects, engineering studies and scientific committees.

Over the past 25 years, special emphasis has been given to research on road safety and accident data analysis, at national and international level, including research on road accident data collection, processing, analysis and modelling, road safety policy, assessment of road safety measures and infrastructure safety design and management. NTUA participated in numerous traffic and safety related projects of all EU RTD Framework Programmes since late eighties (e.g., PROMISING, ADVISORS, ROSEBUD, IN-SAFETY, HUMANIST, 2BeSafe, SafetyNet, DaCoTA, SafetyCube etc.) and other EU-projects (ERSO+, ESRA, SARTRE 2, 3&4, COST-329, CAREPLUS 1 & 2, SaferWheels, Driving Licence, etc). NTUA also participated in projects for the Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Transport Forum (ITF), the World Bank, the European Investment Bank (EIB), as well as in several national research projects for Transport Authorities and Municipalities in the field of road safety, including national strategic plans, efficiency assessment analyses and road accident risk analyses. Lately, special emphasis is given on digitalization in transport and automation through several innovative projects (i-Dreams, Show, Drive2theFuture, Hadrian, SkillFul, BeOpen, etc.)

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NTUA has also access to a set of large databases with data on road safety in Greece (Accidents, Police, Transport, etc.) and in Europe (CARE, IRTAD, WHO, IRF, ERF, etc.), several statistical analysis tools (software, models), traffic modelling software, as well as a motion-based driving simulator.