Sensible 4 

About Sensible 4

Sensible 4 is a Finnish self-driving technology company developing full-stack software for autonomous vehicles. Their unique technology combines information from multiple sensors (sensor fusion), allowing their self-driving cars to operate even in the most challenging of weather conditions. Sensible 4 recently raised $7 Million from Japanese tech investors in their Series A round. Their technology was awarded Best Startup at the prestigious Dubai World Challenge for Self-Driving Cars in October 2019, and their autonomous shuttle bus GACHA has collected multiple design awards.

We at Sensible 4 believe in a world that isn’t based on private car ownership. A world with significantly less cars on the roads. The vehicles of tomorrow are autonomous, electronic and shared. This contributes to smart cities with better air quality, less congestion and increased safety for everyone using the transportation system.

We want to change the way people move by bringing a new level of accessibility to cities. This is done through improved networks of self-driving transportation. A new world of autonomous driving that revives and frees up cities for a cleaner and more sustainable future for humanity. Self-driving serves all kinds of areas. From city centers to campuses – from business parks to other event and recreational venues. No matter where, a smart self-driving transportation system sustainably frees up space for people, nature and an active urban life.