About VUB – MOBI

MOBI is a research group at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB), Belgium. MOBI is a European leader in electric & hybrid vehicle technologies and in socio-economic evaluations for urban mobility & sustainable logistics. Its expertise is currently structured across 4 research domains (vehicles technologies, sustainable energy communities, urban mobility and sustainable logistics) for which it owns state-of-the-art infrastructures, models, technology, enablers, patents and software applications.

MOBI has undertaken more than 160 projects over the last 5 years and possesses considerable expertise in the scientific and operational management of multi-partner research projects. Apart from regional and national projects, MOBI is currently partner in 30 running EU projects.

MOBI has expanded its 40 years of expertise in electromobility by adding research on the automation of vehicles.

MOBI has expertise in simulating and optimizing the logistics systems from a socioeconomic and environmental perspective, improving not only the costs incurred by logistics service providers but also the externalities imposed on society such as climate change, air pollution, noise congestion and accidents. The research centre develops dedicated tools with applications ranging from intermodal transport, city distribution to sustainability impact assessment.