From 11 October 2021 till 15 October 2021 the global ITS, CCAM and MaaS communities met in Hamburg, Germany, for the annual ITS World Congress, and SHOW could not miss the opportunity!

Several SHOW partners were physically present at the event throughout the week, engaging with key stakeholders, sharing knowledge and insights on the project and presenting our goals, real-life demonstrations and results. Out of the many fruitful discussions , connections made and positive promotion of SHOW, we selected a few highlights from the week.

SHOW: experts in CCAM

From a Special Interest Session on “How we overcome challenges to deploy sustainable L4 driverless mobility services” and a session focused on current efforts throughout the ITS industry to assess the inclusiveness of transformational technologies for transportation and mobility services, to a workshop investigating how communication technologies such as 5G enable the connection between available solutions and Future Mobility, SHOW partners were heavily involved in discussions shaping the future of CCAM (and of mobility as a whole). Thanks to its breadth and extensive reach of its real-life demos, SHOW played an active role sharing knowledge, best practices and lessons learned.

SHOW Pre-Hackathon Workshop

On Tuesday 12 October, we successfully held the first SHOW Pre-Hackathon Workshop. Bringing together multidisciplinary teams, the attendees worked on the high level ideas that originated from our Ideathon and developed a structure for first prototype solutions tackling two main challenges:

– Adapt to increase in demand in a flexible way,

– Accessibility and assistance for persons with reduced mobility.

Focusing on the actual needs of the users while keeping feasibility and applicability in mind, the attendees of the pre-hackathon workshop worked on the structures of new apps to manage service demand in a flexible way taking into account special needs (e.g. need for extra space). What’s next?! Those ideas will be transformed in reality during the SHOW Hackathon (23-24-25 November 2021).

While we are here, save the date for our Hackathon! It will take place on 23-24-25 November 2021 in Brussels and online and aims to achieve Enablers of) added value services: for ex. hardware – software – system architecture – algorithm – user interface – … We aim for mature solutions that are ready for market & perhaps even included in one of SHOW’s live pilot demonstrations

SHOW demo sites

With real-life demonstrations planned to take place in 20 European cities, SHOW’s strength is to be found in our demo sites and local partners like Pekka Eloranta (Sitowise), who presented the plans for our Finnish demo site (Tampere), or Yun-Pang Flötteröd (DLR), who held a presentation on her latest paper “Towards safe and efficient shared – space oriented DRT Service–some insights with real case study in Linköping”.

The cherry on top

Just before the start of ITS World Congress, CINEA released its new brochure “Automated Road Transport: On the way to Connected and Cooperative Automated Mobility (From H2020 towards Horizon Europe”, and we are featured! Check it out now (small hint: for SHOW, scroll to page 29!)