Have you ever wondered who are the people working in the field of automated mobility? And what motivates them to work on self-driving vehicles?

To get answers to your questions, SHOW is proud to announce it has launched the new podcast series ‘Automated Mobility: The people behind the wheel.’ In the podcast, you will get to know the experts working in the field of automated mobility through a series of interviews. What motivates them to be a part of this enormous change in urban mobility? How do they think AVs can impact our lives?

Hosted by Henriette Cornet, UITP, Coordinator of the SHOW project, the podcast wants to build the bridge between research and practice, between experts and passengers.

Listen to the podcast here!


Episode #1: Towards more sustainable freedom of movement

In the first episode, we meet Endre Angelvik, who is Executive Vice President of Radical Innovation at Norwegian operator Ruter, chair of the Combined Mobility Committee at UITP and lastly member of the Advisory Board of the SHOW project. You will learn about Ruter and Endre’s various missions, all being gathered under the humble objective of changing the world.

Automated Vehicles have the potential to make services cheaper from an operator point of view, which means theoretically that the service will be available to more people.” Endre Angelvik, Executive Vice President of Radical Innovation, Ruter

To set the scene, a short first episode has also been published, introducing those not familiar with automated mobility to the concept. The Host explains the motivation behind the podcast and the SHOW project, and why road safety is on top of the list.

And this is only the beginning… a new episode will be published every month, introducing you to many faces and voices of those driving innovation in our sector.

A huge thanks to our guests for their time and fantastic insights!

Automated Mobility: The people behind the wheel is also available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and TuneIn.