The German Aerospace Center (DLR) brought the future of urban mobility to life at the National Garden Show (BUGA) in Mannheim. From April to October 2023, the futuristic U-Shift vehicle concept was on the road at BUGA, offering visitors a glimpse into the possibilities of emission-free, automated, safe, and quiet transportation.

The U-Shift concept stands out for its exceptional flexibility. Its modular design allows for easy replacement of capsules, enabling the vehicle to seamlessly transition between transporting people and goods, or even providing additional services. This versatility makes the U-Shift an adaptable solution for various urban needs.

The U-Shift prototype has covered an impressive 2,800 kilometers during its operation, attracting around 250,000 visitors to the DLR SHOW booth. Nearly 10,000 people took advantage of the opportunity to experience the U-Shift firsthand through test drives.

Its demonstration at BUGA provided valuable insights for the DLR team, allowing them to refine the vehicle’s automation functions. Initially operated remotely, the U-Shift progressed to automated operation with safety driver supervision. The positive feedback from garden show guests further validates the potential of the U-Shift concept.

The U-Shift demonstration at BUGA marks a significant step towards sustainable and efficient urban mobility. The vehicle’s ability to adapt to various transportation needs, coupled with its emission-free and automated capabilities, makes it a promising solution for the future of urban transportation.

Route parameters:

  • Approximately 2 km long circuit
  • Mixed traffic with pedestrians and tourist electric train
  • 15 km/h max. speed