Have you ever wondered who are the people working in the field of automated mobility? And what motivates them to work on self-driving vehicles?

To get answers to your questions, SHOW launched the new podcast series ‘Automated Mobility: The people behind the wheel.’ In the podcast, you will get to know the experts working in the field of automated mobility through a series of interviews. Hosted by Henriette Cornet, UITP, Coordinator of the SHOW project, the podcast wants to build the bridge between research and practice, between experts and passengers.

SHOW Podcast #14: Navigating mobility white zones – How Public Transport Operators steer the future of autonomous vehicle fleets In this episode, William Levassor from Beti, a French public transport operator (PTO) specialising in low-density areas, shares insights about their mission to combat mobility white zones through innovative mobility solutions. William talks to us about the pivotal role operators play in bridging the gap between AV technology providers and their clients – the territories – providing inclusive solutions. We dive into the challenges and opportunities in operating autonomous shuttles with the need for a hyper vision that covers the numerous roles of the operators from service and passengers’ management, field events management and support for driving. We clarify the terminology and expectations towards telesupervision and even, remote driving. William talks about Beti’s vision for the future of mobility operations, the role of AI in enhancing safety, and the unique challenges operators face in the dynamic landscape of transportation.

“Deploying an AV service in a city is not only about driving the vehicles from point A to B; our focus as PTOs extends beyond. It’s about orchestrating seamless daily operations with high quality of service and security for all.”

Don’t miss this in-depth exploration of the transformative journey towards a more connected and efficient mobility ecosystem.

*** This is the last episode for Henriette Cornet as the host of this podcast series. We wish her the best in her new professional chapter. ***

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