In October and November 2023, the deployment site in Geneva of the EU-project ULTIMO has finalised testing logistics transportation for hospitals deploying automated vehicles, utilising use cases that were developed in the SHOW project.

Already for the last four years, starting within the AVENUE project, TPG (Transports Publics Genevois) provided regular public transportation services with fully automated vehicles in Geneva, at the Belle-Idée Estate.

For the tests, the ULTIMO team collaborated with SHOW, adopting SHOW’s Logistics-as-a-Service (LaaS) use case, using the excess capacity of the public transportation vehicles (when the passenger demand was low).

The use cases as developed by SHOW over the previous years have set the complete framework and describe the activities of the different Mega and Satellite sites of SHOW. At the same time, they also set the functional requirements that have been translated in technical requirements of the project’s system architecture. All SHOW use cases are available on the project website.

Transporting goods to hospitals

In Geneva, the AVs delivered different types of goods such as laundry and equipment to various sites, ranging from care homes and hospitals to laboratories. This experience allowed the ULTIMO Team to have a first hands-on idea of the requirements and issues on charting of AVs, and the needs for the tools targeted in ULTIMO.

After two months of testing the service was stopped, to further analyse the lessons learned and how to transpose and generalise them, completing the needs and requirements for the ULTIMO project’s urban LaaS services.

The exchange between ULTIMO and SHOW serves as perfect example of how collaboration between EU projects can serve as meaningful knowledge and experience exchange, advancing project progress and outcomes.

Find out more about the ULTIMO project on the project website.